The Domino’s Pizza Digital Brand

Everyone knows the traditional way of ordering pizza, on the phone. This way of ordering has began to fade fast! With Domino’s Pizza’s website, there is so much you can do. When I went to their website, I see that they have really used their digital space in a fun and useful way. They are very interactive with their customers making them feel like not only are thIMG_5029ey ordering pizza, but making it as they are playing a game, virtually making a pizza. WIth their Pizza tracker you can see exactly who is making and where you pizza is at all times. Domino’s has also been making a big hit on social media trying to make it even easier to order pizza. Now, you can simply text or tweet a pizza emoji to them to order. Domino’s has easily set up a great digital brand for themselves, by keeping up to date with the popular media outlets and finding their way to sell their product. If there is one thing I would say to add to their website, it would be possibly having celebrities on their website to help them promote the new and exciting things they have!